19 June 2011

I should have FBAed

Hubby just snapped some new pics, this time without bright sunlight.  Even though as I sit here I can pull plenty of room in the bust of this tunic out in front of me ... the pics can't be lying.  It isn't hanging right over my bust.
B4856 front pic 1 ... not so obvious

B4856 front pic 2 ... now it's obvious I need an FBA

B4856 side pic ... the sideseam slit and definitely need an FBA
*Loud audible sigh*  While I know some women pay a lot of money to have a DD/DDD bust ... it really is a nuisance to fit properly!  I'd much rather go back to being a C cup.


glorm said...

Hmmm. It didn't appear that way yesterday. Did you wear something different or is it just the lighting?

It's a nice, easy-wearing item. Make more. LOL.

dfr2010 said...

gloria - same bra (My DDD bra this week). I don't think the jeans would make a difference that high up. It has to be the lighting and angles of pics.

Maggie said...

It does look a lot different than yesterday.. but shadows always make any problem worse! And of course sometimes they destroy planets.. but I guess you don't know about that yet. :P

Summer said...

I think it looks fine unless you're standing with hands on hips. That posture also makes the front hem slide down, hmm.