18 June 2019

A test version of B6249 skirt

Um, yeah ... so after I gathered up a passel of dress patterns the other year, last year I suddenly wanted skirt patterns.  One that really caught my eye is Butterick 6249, view D with those nice, big, USEFUL pockets.  So, after a bit of dithering, I decided on this cotton print to make up for the test version before I used the red bandana paisley cotton print I made into a button-up shirt last year.
test version of Butterick 6249 skirt
I made a few tweaks, mostly to the length to get it a bit more even.  Hubby pinned the hem for me, and the front had 3-1/2 inches more than the back due to the pelvic tilt that also makes the swayback adjustment necessary around the waist (I had my friend Lynn help me tissue fit the back yoke to accommodate that).

I do have the red version done already, and perhaps I'll get photos soon.  Actually, I have a BUNCH of things to snap pics of so I can show them off, including new toys as well as new clothes.

18 November 2018

Recycling feed bags

Anyone who has peeked in at my homestead blog knows I feed a small menagerie (or petting zoo, depending on how fancy a vocabulary Dad feels like using) and that results in quite a few feed bags - full when I buy them, then empty.  We had been using them as trash bags in the feed shed, then over the summer I saw someone at Tractor Supply's market day selling shopping/tote bags made from feed bags.  I tried asking her for details, but she just said, "Oh, there's tutorials online."  I guess she was just selling them for whoever did the actual sewing since she didn't seem the least bit interested when I tried to ask about needles and thread used.

So, we've been saving the 50-pound bags when empty, and they do pile up pretty quickly.  I don't bother with the very smooth plastic hay cube/pellet bags, and I also don't use the Nutrena brand 40-pound bags, as those have the annoying habit of splitting open if tossed at the store.  I easily found a couple different tutorials online (I like this one best), and made a test bag.  OK, my machine doesn't really like the textured plastic bags.  I used an universal needle, size 14, for the test bag, and I don't think my machine appreciated that too much either - it made the thump-thump noise that lets me know it's past time to change needles.  Meh.  Hubby ordered me some size 14 leather needles (I like Schmetz brand) and I had picked up some light beige heavy duty Coats & Clark thread off clearance ... now it's time to figure out which machine will do the best job at this.  I intend to pull the trusty old mechanical Brother, Timex, out to see how that goes.  If not, then the old-as-I-am Kenmore Anchor will get a shot at it.

First, though ... I need to wash the bags off.  I have about a dozen or so in the bathtub right now.

31 October 2018

Patterns, patterns, and more patterns

OK, I guess I got a little caught up in the selection process of the big pattern prize pack win from 3 weeks ago.  It happens.  I meant to post up links to what I got as I got them.  It's the thought that counts, right?

Oh, and I did not buy a lottery ticket yet.  I had the idea that perhaps I should wait on that until I've used at least one pattern from each prize donor, and posted up appropriate links here, because one needs to show proper appreciation and gratitude before asking for more.  It makes sense to me, at least.

Let me work backwards here, and start with the pattern I just ordered this morning.  It should ship by tomorrow or Friday, and is a long out of print Kwik Sew bra pattern (#1018) I didn't know even existed until I saw a review posted up at Pattern Review.  It wasn't the written review that got me all excited, it was the pictures, including one of her wearing it.  Well, especially the picture of her wearing it - that made me say, "She's built like me!  And that fits her GOOD."  When I told my friend Lynn about the pattern, she said she wants to see it as soon as I get it in the mail.  Oh, I found one listed on Etsy for just under $15, listed as uncut with envelope still sealed.  Cool beans!

Picking up where I left off on the prize pack, I chose the Willow pleated trousers from Laela Jeyne.  Yes, they look very similar to the McCall's pleated paper-bag waist pants pattern I have ... in fact, my intent here is to compare the two.

Choosing just one pattern from 5 out of 4 Patterns wasn't as easy, but I decided I could probably get some good mileage out of the Nancy raglan (and yes, I snickered a bit at the pun in the name).  I have been wanting a variety of raglan knit top patterns, and until this year there had been  slim pickin's there.  I figured I ought to get while the gettin's good.

I had enough on the gift "card" from Bella Sunshine Designs to get three patterns, so I now have the Reagan raglan (continuing the pun from 5 out of 4!), the Amelia top, dress, and maxi, and the Maggie top, tunic and dress.

Choosing at Wardrobe by Me wasn't easy, and I paid close attention to the sizing as the designer(s) is in Denmark.  After quite a bit of dithering, I decided on the Aurora dress and tunic pattern.

I still have a $10 store credit to use at Striped Swallow Designs, but I used the code for the free pattern to get the Winter Park top.  I am still quite undecided on what else to get, as there is more than one that has caught my eye.

Finally, from the hostess of the giveaway, I've picked two of the four free patterns from Itch to Stitch: the Brasov wrap top and the Chai shirt and dress.

11 October 2018

oh WOW I won!

So, I often enter giveaways and whatnot, even the occasional lottery ticket, but winning anything is a rare event.  Imagine my surprise to get an email today from Kennis at Itch To Stitch saying I won one of the two prize packs from her birthday giveaway!  When replying to her email, I remarked that hubby said I should get a lotto ticket since this doesn't happen too often.  When Kennis sent back my codes, she remarked hubby may be right and she thinks I ought to buy a ticket as well!  LOL  Sounds like she has a sense of humor.

Itch to Stitch Birthday Celebration Prize Pack 1
  • 4 patterns from Itch to Stitch
  • 1 pattern from The Wolf and the Tree
  • 1 pattern from Laela Jeyne Patterns
  • 1 pattern from Stitch Upon a Time
  • 1 pattern from Wardrobe by Me
  • 1 pattern from 5 out of 4 Patterns
  • $25 gift card from Bella Sunshine Designs
  • 1 PDF pattern & $10 shop credit from Striped Swallow Designs
  • $10 store credit from Candy Castle Patterns
  • 1 PDF pattern of choice (except bundles) from Susana Coelho de Melo Cunha
  • $15 credit from Flosstyle
Candy Castle Patterns and Stitch Upon A Time are time-sensitive, so I surfed over to their sites first.  I finally decided on the very practical mens' and womens' sweater pattern from Candy Castle.  Looking through Stitch Upon A Time, I saw the exact thing I was thinking about this morning during milking: women's boxer briefs.  Well, that made my decision quite easy!

That's as far as I've gotten so far.  This is actually a little overwhelming, such a big pattern splurge.

Oh, and before Mom calls me out, a big public THANK YOU to Kennis and her friends for putting together such a big prize pack.  I suppose I ought to thank the software program for picking me as well ... LOL.  Nah, we don't thank computers.  Still, what a novelty to win so much.

09 October 2018

Butterick 5682 jeans pattern

I have been asked over on PatternReview for pics and a full review on the Butterick 5682 jeans that I made over a year ago.  That was the straight leg view, and I decided I need to retrace the pieces onto the Pellon EasyPattern stuff, as that is a lot more sturdy than the red-dot stuff I initially used.  Instead, I traced the flare leg view to play around with.  I bought some fabric paint markers at WalMart the other week, with intentions of covering up the tea or pop spill stain on my linen tunic, but there ought to be plenty to paint the flares in the lighter denim.

A quick teaser picture: the pocket pieces on the Butterick are the standard-issue useless mostly-decorative model, so - inspired by the PR jeans class by Jennifer Stern - I drew some nice roomy big FUNCTIONAL front pockets for my jeans, complete with pocket stays that get sew into the fly.  Now *these* are some kick(*donkey*) pockets.
my big roomy FUNCTIONAL front jeans pockets
I think I'll blog about these jeans I'm about to make, since it seems quite a few sewists think jeans are intimidating.