18 June 2019

A test version of B6249 skirt

Um, yeah ... so after I gathered up a passel of dress patterns the other year, last year I suddenly wanted skirt patterns.  One that really caught my eye is Butterick 6249, view D with those nice, big, USEFUL pockets.  So, after a bit of dithering, I decided on this cotton print to make up for the test version before I used the red bandana paisley cotton print I made into a button-up shirt last year.
test version of Butterick 6249 skirt
I made a few tweaks, mostly to the length to get it a bit more even.  Hubby pinned the hem for me, and the front had 3-1/2 inches more than the back due to the pelvic tilt that also makes the swayback adjustment necessary around the waist (I had my friend Lynn help me tissue fit the back yoke to accommodate that).

I do have the red version done already, and perhaps I'll get photos soon.  Actually, I have a BUNCH of things to snap pics of so I can show them off, including new toys as well as new clothes.

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