08 September 2011

My new dog

As the PR chat room heard last night, I went and got a new dog yesterday afternoon, brought about by my dogsitting last month.  Most (all?) of the chat regulars strongly requested (demanded!) pics of the new canine addition to my zoo ... so to avoid getting virtually lynched in chat tonight I picked up the digicam and made an honest effort this morning.  A couple camera notes: doggie will not stay the necessary distance from the camera, nor does he pose or hold very still unless he is laying on a stained part of the carpet.  Here's the best I can do without hubby's assistance:
Aries, my new dog
His name is Aries, which I find amusing since he is much more loverboy than god of war, and he'll turn two in October.  He comes to us already housebroken and loves being in the house with his family, and keeps trying to sniff and lick our cats ... the feline faction really doesn't appreciate that.  Last night, he and the cuddle kitty took turns next to my chair attempting to "guard" me from the other.

Um, yes ... he is a pit bull.  However, just like other house-pits I've known and the three house-Rotties I've owned, Aries totally blows the stereotype for the breed out of the water.  He's affectionate, adoring towards his special human (and he's chosen me!), responsive, and eager to please ... and is taking the cats' snit fit in good humor.  Aries just isn't too sure about my teenage son and his size 12 shoes ... LOL.


SewCool21 said...

Congrats, to the new addition to the family! Your dog looks so cute and adorable to be a pit.

dfr2010 said...

Part of the cute and adorable factor is his ears were never cropped. The happy and loving look on his face whenever he looks at me probably helps too!

I'm still getting used to a dog with a tail LOL and his tail is hardly still except when he's been asleep. He was partially spoiled before, and I intend to shamelessly spoil him absolutely rotten. He has a couple still-healing scars, and the people I got him from said he spent the first week in their house cowering anytime someone raised their voice ... so IMO he deserves the spoiling!

Peggy's Closet said...

He is adorable! We always had pit bulls when I was growing up, and I love them. So smart, loving, protective, expressive... A pit bull who is loved is a wonderful part of the family; it's those who are bred/trained to be fighters that are so sad.

Rosy said...

Totally adorable! I understand all the praise you make of it, looking at that face that shows love.

Maggie said...

Awwww, he's adorable! That face!
He's lighter than I imagined when you said he was brindle.
What a perfect puppy face!

wlotus said...

What a pretty boy!

There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.