23 October 2011

Crocheted bags for around the house

So, I've been quiet again (at least here).  Hubby says I get this way every year - he's probably right.  The good news is that I HAVE been doing shtuff, and am still on my crochet kick, although there is a new box of fabric to fondle for a later post.

As the post title promises, I have crocheted some bags for around the house use!  First up is my potato bag, inspired by an incident involving the potatoes in that plastic bag they come in, the dog's water bowl ... and the dog thinking a cat wanted to play.  The potatoes needed to come out of the plastic and off the floor of my pantry.  Enter a cone of cotton yarn and this crocheted carry-all pattern.  It will hold a LOT!  When I snapped this pic there were still about 8 pounds of russets and another 2 pounds of sweet potatoes (yams) in it:
crocheted potato bag
My only worry is the pantry door knob breaking off since I don't know how old that door actually is.  I debated about posting this pic because it shows what a mess my pantry can be ... but I have warned y'all many times I am a horrible housekeeper, so I guess I might as well prove it to those who have never seen it.  The potato bag crocheted up quickly.

Now for a pair of tote bags that aren't as fast, but I think look better:
Two crocheted tote bags
This is the crochet tote pattern, and the green-blue one is where I mostly followed the pattern, using the hook and row counts, but I couldn't tell if my cotton yarn was the right size or not.  I am thinking not since it turned out smaller than I expected.  For the shades-of-blue one I added rows and went up a hook size until I was happy with how tall it was.  There's actually a library book in the small tote for the pic - the tall hardback Elizabethan cross-stitch book that I am still copying (cross-stitching) from - so even the small tote is big enough to hold books.  Oh, I am working on a third tote from the pattern, using cheaper acrylic yarn (which I really don't like the feel of).

I have a few more things already made, but am not pleased with the pictures of them yet, so they'll need to wait for another post.

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dfr2010 said...

Just thought I'd mention that I took the 2 tote bags to the grocery this afternoon, and both the cashier and the bagger were admiring them and asked if I had made them! Ego boost. :)