15 November 2011

New cast iron!

So I might as well toss a few cooking posts on here while I'm at it ... it's maggie's fault of course for asking me to share how I make chicken stock.  Heehee ... maggie "blames" me for so much nowadays it's running joke that any time she claims something is my "fault" I automatically tell her "You're welcome!"

So for the past few weeks hubby has been debating the merits of getting a griddle so he can make more than one pancake at a time.  Last week I came home with a cast iron double-sided griddle, and found out he had an electric griddle in mind .... Bah!  I am making great progress in turning him into a cast iron convert.  Here is my stove top cast iron now, with the addition of the griddle (in this pic, he just finished pancakes plus eggs for breakfast).
new cast iron griddle plus my 3 trusty skillets
The other side has diagonal ridges to cook meats like hamburger patties ... or chicken breasts for sandwiches over the weekend.  I demonstrated both for hubby, and yesterday he started using the ridged side to whip up chicken breast sandwiches for our lunch.  He figured out that it's better to do bacon on the flat side of the griddle, though.

The truly cute thing about my new piece of cast iron is just how long the ridged side keeps my dog's attention (once it's cooled enough for the doggy to pre-rinse).

One thing I won't bother blogging about is cast iron care because Gloria already has some excellent posts on it!  Much easier to just link hers since I would only be repeating what she has already written.


glorm said...

Wow--how much does that puppy weigh? Thanks for the mention.

Have a question for you. We bought more cast iron at a yard sale and treated them the way we always have done. One pan came out of the oven, after curing, with the oil a little blotchy on the bottom. Do you have any idea why?

I know you are having fun cooking and hope your hubby is also.

dfr2010 said...

Weight ... I forget the exact poundage but let's just say I only move it when my back is feeling okay! LOL Yeah, it's not light in any sense of the word. But it feels like it will last half a century at the least.

As for the blotchiness of one of your new rehabs, the only guess I can make is some prior seasoning had soaked into the metal itself in those places. I have actually never rehabbed cast iron myself as even my oldest skillets are still on their initial coatings that Mom did way back when.

Rosy said...

Oh, yeah! This cast iron is a wonderful idea, it invites the whole family to participate in the food ... Too bad it does not exist in my country,

Anonymous said...

The blotchiness is where the seasoning is coming off, so I've been told by the guy that runs the thrift store I tend to buy mine at. It just needs to be reseasoned. Dunno if it is true or not.

IS there anything BUT cast iron?