09 July 2014

Knitted tee shirt

While I have not been sewing much lately, I have been spending time laying on my bed propped up by three or four pillows and knitting.  Here is one such effort (too approximately three weeks to do up).
knitted tee shirt

stripe pattern on knitted tee
Hubby loves the stripe pattern on it, which according to the pattern notes is based on Fibonacci numbers.  Oh, the pattern is from a book I found at one of the local flea markets for two dollars: The Ultimate Knitted Tee by Laura Militzer Bryant and Barry Klein.  I used Ornaghi Filati United yarn, which is a 55% bamboo/45% cotton blend I had bought on bag sale from elann.com last year.  The yarn is AWESOME for down here!  It breathes so well, even in our humidity, that I kept the tee on all morning until I saw the storm clouds rolling in for our afternoon soaking.  Between the simple design and the wonderful yarn, I have a nice and comfy keeper here.

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glorm said...

Nice--and fits well too.