30 July 2011

Try, try again

As y'all recall, I abandoned the first version of the latest cross stitch design after noticing too many counting errors, and mentioned I would redo it with different colors.  I didn't goo too different on the colors - instead of black and red I used dark grey and pink ... and managed to stitch it out without any (*permanent*) errors this time!
cross stitch counted right this time
Everything lined up this time ... although I will confess I had to pull some out and redo.  However this is an improvement to not noticing the counting errors until it was too late to fix.

So now I am up to four completed squares, although the first one is smaller than the other three.  My idea was originally to do up a small wall hanging with four designs mounted on some cotton muslin ... but that was before Hancock put even more of the small kits on the clearance table for only $1 each.  Now I am wondering if I should do up nine total ... although next I want to start a small band sampler for borders of different heights.

It's been a cross stitch week for me, not only because I felt so determined to do this design correctly, but because I have sounded like a bowl of Rice Crispies ("Snap-Crackle-Pop") pretty much all week.  I do have a sewing project ready to cut after trimming the pattern and picking out the mockup fabric ... I just haven't felt up to cutting it out yet.  So, once again, I am saying: "Hopefully tomorrow!"

Now for the close-up of the latest cross stitch for those interested:
Cross stitch - it reminds me of wrought iron


glorm said...

Way to go, girl! That looks very nice.

glorm said...

Finally went to DMC-usa.com to check out their designs. They have been in business for over 500 years. There are quite a few crossstitch designs available on a variety of subjects. You can join their club (free) for archived ones. Might be something worth checking out.

Rosy said...

Very beautiful! Really beautiful!! Only people who know how to cross stitch, are able to appreciate the wonderful work this is. Wonderful!