05 July 2011

Lovely wool gifts from Mom

I am still working through the loot brought back from Indiana ... and alongside the fleece piece that came back are a couple of new-to-me wools Mom has had tucked away for years.  Both of these are truly impressive in different ways.

First up, the mostly-constructed wool ... Mom says she was making this as a custom order from a lady back in the 80s, but after the lady needed some alterations ... it has hung up in her basement/sewing room with the bottom hem and underams unstitched to add gussets.  When I mentioned pattern sizes (plus pattern alterations I need to learn) Mom directed me to where it was and said if it fits me I can have it:
Wool blazer, almost finished
When I first looked at it, I thought it had been purchased retail and just needed altering.  Mom corrected this: she made it to the pattern (she doesn't remember which pattern) and then the lady wanted more room to move her arms.  What threw me off were the tags inside the jacket, which Mom says came with the wool itself.  Along with the "Dry Clean Only" tag, there is a large flat one below the back of the collar that says
"Hand tailored from
Pembleton Woolens
Pembleton Woolen Mills
Pembleton, Oregon
100% virgin wool
Made in USA"
A quick bit of Googling shows they are still in business, still in Oregon, still sell yardage of wool fabrics ... and are still considered high-end.  Along with the "wow" factor on this nice fabric, all I need to do is sew three seams to have a really wow fancy wool blazer.  This gives me a reason to actually look forward to cooler fall weather!

As "wow" as the blazer is ... Mom really floored me when after she saw my pics of the Stewart wool vest I made in January, she asked if I would like a pink plaid wool.  Those are three words I love, all said in one breath!  Pink.  Plaid.  Wool.  Even that didn't prepare me for what she pulled out of her closet:
Pink plaid wool from 1966 or 1967
That isn't a "retro" looking wool ... it's the real thing from when Mom was still in high school!  Mom says Grandma bought it for her, then carefully preshrunk it and then just as carefully pinned the stripes together so they wouldn't shift.  There's two yards of it, and Mom said she just never could make up her mind what to make from it, and didn't want to cut it until she was sure.  Mom says she thinks it would do Grandma proud if I made something from it, even though it was purchased before I was ever thought of.  Right now, I am leaning towards the idea of making a late 50s/early 60s style jumper with it, but I intend to take my time on the idea.  I'm also open to suggestions.

Aren't these two wool pieces inspiring?


glorm said...

Score and score. Good thing your mom isn't one those it's-old-so-I'll-get-rid-of-it kind of persons.

Rebecca said...

That pink wool is fantastic! :]

Cennetta said...

Lucky you. Your mom is a gem.