03 July 2011

Out-of-Print fleece patterns from Mom

Now I have finally gotten to the sewing-related gifts from Mom.  Here it is 95F outside ... and I am pulling out fleece patterns Mom gave me.  Oh, and the piece of plaid fleece that I gifted Mom with back in December - it came back home with me as Mom has finally decided what she wants made from it!  And it isn't one of these patterns:
OOP fleece patterns from Mom
If you can hear in the back of your mind the old Sesame Street ditty "One of these things is not like the others ... One of these things just doesn't belong ..." then you've probably noticed one of these patterns sticks out like a sore thumb, and probably isn't intended for this kind of fleece!  Actually, both patterns in the top row get a closer mention from me, for different reasons.
NL 6790: what year(s)?  S7123 is almost as old as I am!
First, the New Look 6790 ... I cannot find a copyright date on the envelope or in the instructions ... and can't find run dates for it when Googling.  It's been out of print long enough for NL to reissue the number though.  It looks close in age to the McCall's 4222 in style, which does have a copyright date of 2003.  Can anyone confirm this?  Or correct?

Now, for the "sore thumb" in this batch ... a 1975 Simplicity 7123 mens/unisex poncho/coat ... sans envelope. Several of the mid-1970s patterns in Mom's boxes are missing their envelopes, so I sincerely doubt these will be sought-after collectibles.  Even though the pattern tissue looks like it has never been unfolded.  For those of y'all 70s-era vintage fans ... hold your fire.  I have no intentions of cutting this pattern tissue.  It probably wouldn't survive actual use.  However, I definitely want to trace it off and use one of my Shetland wools to actually make this pattern!  Seriously, this one is a neato-looking coat.  Is this old enough to be considered "vintage"?

Oh, I may be asking for more help as I sort through the rest of the small box of patterns:
box of Mom's old patterns
There's a couple more without envelopes in there, along with more men's wear patterns.  Just for the record, Mom would have been happy to give me even more patterns than this, but given my weakness for the 99c pattern sales, I didn't want to take more than I feel I will want to sew up.

The unpacking of the Indiana loot continues ... and the thought briefly crossed my mind today if I will get things organized enough to get back to actual sewing!

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dfr2010 said...

Just a note here above the patterns missing envelopes: Mom says for a (too) brief moment in the mid-70s, the stores only had to return the envelopes of unsold newly-discontinued patterns to the distributors for credit, but they stopped that shortly after she got hers. So whatever copyright years are represented are the years they did that around Mom ...

And HEY! Where do all my commenters go when I ask a question??