04 June 2013

Knit garter-stitch dishcloths

First ... where did the month of May go?  Could I get a do-over here?  I'd like my May back, please!

I have been playing with yarn here, and I have even started unpacking the sewing lair!  I don't have all my yarn unpacked/rediscovered yet - and I realized the other afternoon that I still have not unpacked all my books when I wanted to look up something in a gardening book - but progress has begun in there and I can tell when the light is on as the towers of boxes are a bit shorter.

At hubby's request, I have been knitting up simple garter stitch dishcloths.  Like the crochet wool socks, hubby has requested a dozen of them.  I am weaseling out of doing that many socks by calling the dozen socks as six pair, but that technicality won't get me out of the dishcloth situation.  I am halfway there, as the first two went straight to the sink upon completion.
garter stitch knit dishcloths in kitchen cotton
I found the pattern on YouTube ... let me see if I saved the start of it.  Here it is!
I have no idea what that would look like written out, but it knits up easy (read: newbie-friendly!) and the third one is pretty quick.

I have crochet stuff on the hook and even finished, but that will wait for another post.