11 September 2015

Requested pictures for Lauren

I have a new follower for the blog - Lauren - and you can surely tell she's new to my blog because she has requested pictures.  I guess it's been a while since I have shown my notorious lack of photography skills here.  The request is for pictures of the shirt pieces in the Simplicity 4059, which I made the one doublet and cap for my Ren Faire accomplice up in Tennessee a few years back.  He preferred the shirt from a different pattern, so I have not made the S4059 shirt myself.  These pics ought to help anyone decide whether or not to special order or put a hold on this pattern:
S4059 shirt pieces layout

S4059 shirt instructions, part one

S4059 shirt instructions, part two

S4059 line drawings and pieces' shapes
I do hope this helps.  As for last evening ... y'all didn't want to read a post from me while I was in that kind of mood.  Nothing like checking in for an appointment on time, then waiting for about an hour with the TV on too loud in the waiting room, and me without my knitting because I figured since I'd be driving myself then I wouldn't have time to knit.  OK, so I am still a bit irked.