27 August 2014

Meet hubby's Chaos Demon

Here is why my sewing lair is perpetually a mess:
Little Bit, aka "Chaos Demon" claiming the dog's quilt
For the record, that is the dog's blanket-quilt.  He was rather whiny and upset that she was not letting him on it that day.  My mom made that quilt for me originally, and up in Tennessee it adorned the back of the couch ... until the dog discovered he could wiggle on the couch and get it to fall over him so only his nose and tail were showing.  It is basically his Linus blankie and has been moved to the floor (when it's not being laundered) to encourage the dog to spend more time on the floor than the couch.

As for the Chaos Demon ... she was dumped at the public park next to our house up in Tennessee, and I tried for a week to coax he indoors without success.  We could hear her crying at night and especially when it rained, but I was lucky to even catch a glimpse of her.  Hubby made some remark about it, so I sent him out to try.  He came back in about five minutes, with a skinny but happily purring small cat in his hand.  He says all he did was sit down and tell her, "well, come on over here."

I know enough about cats to recognize a full feline claim on a person.  She has stayed, even though the other three didn't like her (and it was mutual).  Now, she is our only cat in the house, after Twilight the Terrorist Kitty died doing what she loved best: destroying something of ours while misbehaving.  She tore out a screen window to get outside (after hubby fixed it so she couldn't slide it open) and then apparently ate something poisonous.  We miss that stubborn, silly monster.

Oh, back to the Little Bit-Chaos Demon.  Every time hubby finds a dead frog or large bug under his chair, my sewing room is wrecked.  She is also fond of shredding paper, especially anything I have printed out on my computer.  Cleaning up that mess is on my to-do list, as soon as I get this most recent pair of socks finished (yes, I am still happily knitting socks), because I need new tops and so does my mother-in-law.