10 March 2013

Crochet wool ankle socks for hubby

I made myself a pair from this pattern first as a test, but I think I ought to wash mine before taking a pic of them.  Here are hubby's nice warm wool ankle socks - they are "absolutely perfect!" for wearing to bed.  I managed to get them done right before the latest frost hit.
crochet wool sleep socks
I'll need to grab some of the knit dishcloths after laundry today to snap a pic for Gloria.  I am now on dishcloth #4 - hubby requested a total of 12.  Then again, he also requested 12 socks (which by MY calculations is only six pair).

While the sewing room-to-be is still mostly stacks of boxes, there has been some progress in the past week. The solid wood bunk beds left by the previous owners have moved out to our new storage shed, and the oak bookcases hubby made have been trimmed to fit and moved in.  Not all the boxes in there are fabric, yarn, embroidery, or notions ... I have so far found one boxes of cups that should have been stacked in the kitchen, but there were three motivated movers for the two of us on the day all that was delivered.  BUT, enough progress has been made to let in the morning sunlight in the window.  In all honesty, if the weather is decent to nice I'd rather be outside than inside wrestling boxes.