22 February 2014

New crochet project

We've had a bit of a warm spell this past week or so, and along with putting seeds into the dirt I have also started a new crochet project after a winter of mostly knitting (still need to post about all that).

I have been promising my mom a super-duper doily, one that will be "worth the wait."  Umm ... she's been hearing this for over a year now, BUT I have finally gotten my hot little hands on the perfect pattern that just screams, "Make me for Mom!"  Mom admitted that she has not checked this blog for quite some time now, so I think I am safe in posting this pic:
Roses in Bloom filet crochet tablecloth
I have been wanting to make a spectacular filet crochet project for a while now.  Just making coasters has not scratched that itch, so perhaps a small tablecloth will.  So far, I am about 10 rows in, out of 120 rows.