24 December 2014

Busy season

First off, I would like to wish folks out there a happy and safe holiday season ... whichever holiday is special to you between November and January.  Secondly, I have been busy these past seven-eight weeks, starting before sunrise on Halloween morning when I picked up my batch of chicks.  This month of December has been quite the roller coaster, with first a raccoon then the black bears killing some of my chicks ... yet in between those trials we finally closed the sale on our house up in Tennessee and are now completely debt free.  Triumph and tragedy, good and bad (and ugly, too) all one right after the other here.

With all my outside activities going on, I have not made much progress with fabric, and a small bit with yarn.  This morning, I finally turned the heels on the first pair of knee socks I am knitting.  At first I was annoyed when the 50g skeins ran out during the heel turn, then as I wove in the tails I realized that is actually the best spot to switch as weaving in ends strengthens the heel.
knee socks in progress
I have another pair of knee socks started, but I am not much past the cuff and have not yet finished the first motif.  Also on the needles are two pairs of midcalf (regular height) socks for me.  I have a pair for hubby that I took off the needles when I could not find my fifth set of circular sock needles.  Ah well, a box of splurge/celebration yarn is working its way down to me and also has three more sets of sock circs.

I really do need to sew in the waistband on that pair of cotton flannel pajama bottoms.  Then they will need a good wash before I can take pics, as the pink-nosed furry feline chaos demon decided they are the perfect napping spot.

Next time I take this long off from blogging here, do take a peek at my S&G Homesteade blog to see if we are just busy doing outdoor stuff - Florida is the Sunshine State, ya know.