16 April 2013

I could not resist

So, I am still on FabricMart's email list, and get notice of sales and specials ... well, last week I decided to browse about their website and of course I ended up in the linen section.  I filled my cart, but then hesitated. Then I did the same over the weekend.  Hubby noticed this and said I should just go ahead and buy since I was putting the same fabrics in the cart.  Then, yesterday morning ...

Email from FM said "Special offer for premium members" so I opened it up, and there it was!  Linen fabrics 50% off ... and y'all know how much I adore linen.  Back to the cart, and those two twills were still in stock. Yup, linen twill in two colors I can wear (as in, not the daffodil yellow).  The only thing better would have been to have denim weave twill, to make it easier to see the grainline for me, but a nice grey solid twill and then a cream and black houndstooth twill will do the job nicely enough.

Pretty soon, it will be too hot in the afternoon to do much outside, and then the sewing lair WILL be officially unpacked, fabric WILL be cut, and new clothes WILL be made.  Also, hubby will be roped into re-measuring me.  I am down to retail size 12 in jeans, comfortably, and I can even fit back into my garrison BDU pants.