30 October 2014

Knitting cables

While I have been doing a smidge of sewing (nothing completed yet) I have still been knitting up a storm here.  Back in January, after I finished son's wool sweater, I started my very first cable project.  I finished all the knitting and even started to sew it together when the heat hit, and it languished over the late spring-summer-early autumn.  We did get a cool front earlier this month, and I pulled out my unfinished sweater and sewed up the rest of the seams, then I even managed to get some pics in the morning when it was cool enough to wear a 100% wool knit sweater in worsted-weight yarn without sweating too badly.
scoop-neck cable sweater
It is nice and warm, yet still breathes well, and I am certain to appreciate it over the winter even if it looks/feels a bit big right now.  I am not sure if I have lost weight (neighbor up the dirt road thinks so), or if I cast on one size too big, or if the stitches stretched out as I haven't washed or blocked it yet.

Now, for my most recent finished cable project, and also the most complicated so far: socks, of course.
Treehouse sock, in sunlight, close to actual color

fuzzy unfocused pic of both socks on my feet ... before 2nd mug of coffee
The yarn is more grey, although any time I have tried to take a pic in shadow it looks bluer than it is.  I had a lot of fun doing all this cabling although it was slow going compared to non-cabled projects.