02 July 2017


Just how is the year already half over?!?  Seriously, I think someone hit "fast forward" in early April, for hubby as well as me.  This year is just flying by, and apparently I ain't the only one feeling that.

I have been sewing, but I have also been tossing out old clothing that the fabric is disintegrating at about an equal pace.  So far, it's been a matter of jeans, T-shirts, and underpants, but yesterday my order of 5 back issues of My Image pattern magazine (out of the Netherlands) showed up in the box, and I have been paging through it and scheming since late afternoon yesterday.  LOTS of inspiration contained in that one envelope mailer!

Okay, so the quickie-update is this:

  • I have a better jeans pattern, and it is close to being just right on the fit.
  • I have a basic T-shirt pattern that I added princess seams to the front and a center-back seam ... and on the first version I discovered I forgot to add in the seam allowances.  That one is a bit snug around the belly, but I redrew the body pieces and the second shirt is almost finished.
  • I've tweaked the old Kwik Sew master pantie pattern (high cut version) and have a decent sporty underpants pattern.  The 1980s original was a bit too high waisted even for me.
All very basic items, but I intend to learn a bit about fancy sleeves to keep the T-shirts interesting.  I do have some pics, but my digicam is probably underneath a stack of fabric right now.