10 March 2015

Kneesock knitting notes

Really not much news on the textile-fabric-yarn front.  I have knitted up one pair of kneesocks, and am sort-of working on getting the fit right, when I am not outside playing in the dirt or wrangling chickens or cooking or canning.  For those interested in those subjects, check out my S&G Homesteade blog.

Might as well post up the one pair of kneesocks.
purple Primrose kneesocks
It is a paid pattern on Ravelry called "Primrose Socks" that I won in a drawing in one of my sock groups.  Even though I followed the guage and measurements for sizing, they still slide down.  So, I am working on doing a personally-fitted pair ... except last night I tried to frog back to my math mistake but could not get the stitches back on the needles, so I frogged the whole project.  A much quieter solution than tryig to get my itty-bitty stitches on right.

Now, for fitting notes for my kneesocks:

  • CO only 68 stitches, as 72 was too many on the Primrose socks, and the pattern called for a CO of 80 for my size.
  • only a one-inch cuff, as I don't have a lot of length between the back of my knee and the widest portion of my calf
  • increase to 76 max after cuff ... again, 80 was too many on the Primrose socks
  • when doing the calf decrease, start it around 5 inches from top, and only decrease once every four rounds max - every other round is too sudden a decrease (and why I frogged the previous attempt)
  • work down to only 60 stitches at the ankle - 64 is a tad too slouchy for kneesocks ... even for regular mid-calf socks
  • long heel flap, with quite a few gusset pick-up stitches
Everything else should be good to go.  Now, to CO my 2nd attempt at fitted-for-me kneesocks, as my back is telling me I did too much planting, raking, digging, etc the past few days.  But OH honey, we've had a couple gorgeous days down here to overdo it outside.  Lovely "spring break" weather right now (rain forecast for tomorrow, of course).