18 July 2011

Time for a sunhat!

I've hinted at a new sewing project, and yesterday managed to get all but one piece cut out of my most recently "wild hair" inspired adventure: I am making a sunhat out of the linen leftovers from my shorts I made in May.  After much debate about which style (fedora versus sunhat) I then had to choose a pattern ... I probably have too many hat patterns but I do love hats.  I chose Vogue 8405, view C:
Vogue 8405 view C in grey linen
So I am still one piece shy of starting to sew ... because I ran out of buckram!  So I hit Hancock's this morning ... and they are out of buckram.  To add insult to injury, they've been out for a couple weeks and the computer system still has not ordered more!  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??  Is there no manual override on this automated ordering system??

Aida cloth was suggested as a substitute (after I flatly rejected heavy craft interfacing) and they did still have some ivory-colored Aida by the yard ...that was NOT on the utility fabrics shelf last time I looked at it!  So I snagged 2 yards of the 60 inch wide Aida.  Even if it doesn't work for the hat brim, I can still cross stitch on it.

Question time: Does anyone have a decent source for hat buckram?


Anonymous said...

I always order buckran online from hancocks or joanns....and never had an issue with it being out of stock!( Plus you can still use coupons online too!) I have that hat pattern and have been thinking about making it for myself too...so I'm very interested in how yours turns out!

Jilly Be said...

I LOVE that hat! I too, look forward to your results :)