07 July 2011

Another use for scraps

Nothing pretty here ... no sewing involved .... but extremely utilitarian!  In fact, I have just reduced my bag of fleece scraps by at least 75%.

Remember my (miraculously undamaged) beautiful blue glass dishes rediscovered at Mom's?  Last night I washed them up after noticing how much newspaper ink had smudged onto them, and knew I had to pack them back up today but certainly didn't want to wrap them in the inked newspapers again.  Enter the scrap bag to the rescue!
small fleece scraps between bowls

medium fleece scraps between plates, with cotton gauze scrap for wrap

fleece and cotton gauze scraps will keep newspaper print off my dishes!
Right this second, I am feeling brilliant here.  Just think:

  • Extra padding for breakable glass dish set
  • The newspaper ink can't get to the dishes
  • I am down to just 5 large fleece scrap pieces now!
I still reserve the right to change my mind about this later ... but it does seem like a good use for those fleece scraps that are too big to throw away but leave you scratching your head when pondering just what to do with them.

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