02 July 2011

Clothing gifts for sister

These were the planned fabric gifts for sister described before the trip, and as expected they fit her perfectly.
Little sister in green tunic S2371
I probably should have let her have it back in October when she visited and tried it on.  That is a genuine happy smile - sis loves the fabric and the decorative stitching on this, and will probably wear it to rags.
Sis in S2705 jacket and top

Sis in S2705 top
Once again, perfect fit.  It should be interesting to hear if she learns how to get wrinkles out of the linen/cotton blend fabric I used for these two pieces.  She says she doesn't even own an iron, so I suggested hanging them up in the bathroom during nice hot showers after pulling them out of the dryer still warm.  They're both good colors on her.

The difference between sister wearing these, and me wearing them, is night and day on fit ... and has triggered an almost obsession-like desire for me to get the pattern alterations down to make myself a top that fits this nicely.  I want, I want, I WANT!  No top has fit me like this since I was a sophomore in high school and hit that "out" growth spurt and got both hips and bust ...

Couch-surfing at sister's house for the trip was an interesting experience ... because her golden retriever thought it was wonderful to have people in the living room in the (*EARLY!*) morning.  He didn't jump onto the hide-away bed with us, but it's been a while since I've woken up to dog breath.

When I showed my mom the pictures on the camera of sister in the clothes I originally made for me, even she commented that my sister is making out like a bandit on my sewing, practically getting a new wardrobe just with this visit ... not to mention sister's request list.  Along with the tunic sister asked for in the fall, she also wants a twirly skirt to wear for her ballroom dancing lessons ... and after I let her try on my denim Victorian ... sister wants a corset of her own.  She's even picked out a specific pattern from Jill Salen's Corsets book, which she had sent to me as my Christmas gift.  Sis wants the "Large blue jean corset, 1890-1900" on page 66.

Mom wants ... well, that's a whole 'nother post.  Let me just give a word of warning to those of y'all who are making corsets: Don't let family try them on!  Unless you want to have your to-sew list grow ... Mom and Sis will no longer ask how I can stand to wear them, or remark how uncomfortable they look anymore.  Figuring out when they can come down to be fitted will be an interesting challenge.


SewCool21 said...

The top looks great!

glorm said...

So you've been sewing for Sis this whole time. LOL. She looks so happy with her new clothes.

Maggie said...

Looks great!
You've certainly got your work cut out for you! Or you would, if not for the fact that you're going to have to do the cutting yourself! :P

dfr2010 said...

Yup, sis is definitely cheesing it with that green tunic on.

Maggie, I am not cutting anything until they've each scheduled a fitting visit!