16 June 2011

Alive and kicking and planning

It's official: I have rejoined the land of the living, and have been spending this week getting caught up on things around the house.  I've been getting estimates on having our trees trimmed back more after the power company finally got that large limb off the power line and trimmed any limb or branch that could fall onto our lines.  Yesterday I had the plumber out to replace both commodes, which should help with the water bill over the long term as the old ones were made in 1984!  Today I made an appointment for the fat fluffy cat to get bathed and shaved, and did a major stock-up grocery trip.  I even did laundry in between all these.  To top it off ... I have begun to car-shop for the first time since 2002.  My oldest vehicle is now old enough to legally move out on its own.

Now that my to-do list is significantly shorter ... maybe I can finally get that rayon floral tunic finished.  The poor thing has been waiting for sleeves and hems.  After that I will start on a by-request tunic for my sister.  When she visited back in October, she literally went through all of my modern-style (non-costume) patterns and selected Simplicity 2635 view C, in a green.  I asked her over the phone if she wanted floral embroidery along the bottom, and she loves that idea.  She originally wanted it made from this fabric:
Green tunic S2371
I made this tunic last year ... before I realized I needed an FBA (much less how to do one!).  Since my little sis is a standard B cup ... I will give her this one and use a rayon challis in a different shade of green for her special request (pic when I dig it out of the fabric tub).  Another shirt I will give sis:
S2705 sleeveless blouse
Yup, another non-FBA top I should not really wear, this time S2705 and also made last summer.  My sister is making out like a bandit on last year's sewing, as I gave her my "pirate" coat last June because it fit her perfectly when she asked to try it on:
S3677 pirate coat
Sister has stated (and Mom has confirmed) that she wore this a lot this past fall and winter, as the heavy drapery fabric I used is a great windbreak.  This is in addition to her special-request hooded fleece vest I sent up in December, which she wears with a sweatshirt.

I'm actually enjoying sewing for my sister.  While she is very specific about what she wants (and has never been shy about stating that either!) she also appreciates it a lot.  On top of that, sis will be letting hubby and I "couch surf" and crash at her house when we go up there at the end of the month.  It sounds like a fair trade-off to me.


glorm said...
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glorm said...

Congratulations on getting so much done. By the way, I like your hair down better than pulled back.

dfr2010 said...

I'm going to stop pulling it up soon ... I plan to have it cut short. It's felt good to be productive again.