26 June 2011

More fuzzy floral embroidery test pics

Is it me or the camera?  My son says it's me ... and a quick note since I have learned some of y'all don't actually read to the bottom: I will be roadtripping this week to visit family in Indiana, and doubt I will have time to post.  Now, for more fuzzy embroidery pics:
This one down on the hem - looks sideways

A splash of orange just for fun

This one looks upside-down - just how it stitched out

All four done so far, out of ten
So I am almost halfway done stitching out the ten designs in the decorative floral design set.  I intended to do some pattern tweaking yesterday ... but the emb machine looked so happy to be still set up, and darn it but it is still cool to watch the needle bouncing up and down as it stitches out a design.  Besides, if I get all ten designs stitched out, then I can take samples up to Indiana with me to show off what my expensive toy can do ... and get sister's input on what designs she'd like up on the yoke and on the sleeves, along with color selections.


glorm said...

Did you ever state what the dimensions are of the actual design? They appear to be 6-8 inches long.

I think it's funny that they say that you can walk away while the embroidery is being stitched out. No, I want to watch it stitch out just like you do--it's fun.

dfr2010 said...

Each design is a smidge under 7 inches. And whoever thinks you can walk away during stitchout is unaware that Murphy's Law governs much more than just army operations! The only time the thread tangles up is when I look away ...