13 June 2011

Floral tunic progress and still alive

After much debate ... it appears I am still alive.  I haven't completely kicked this sinus crud, but am feeling better enough to sew again.  Before the drainage stage hit, I had cut out that lovely rayon floral Maggie sent me into Butterick 4856 tunic and managed to get the funky keyhole neck placket in yesterday.  Here's a pic hot off the memory card:
B 4856 neck placket
The placket was a pain in the (*donkey*) to get in right - and I didn't succeed at one corner - which required hand-basting before sewing.  The rayon wasn't exactly cooperative, but it wasn't all the fabric's fault.  I've decided I will only reuse this pattern if I am doing a contrast keyhole placket.

Now, a note for all bloggers out there: Apparently, a large pattern company conglomerate has been using unmarked photos on their FaceBook pages without asking first (thread here) ... so I am now watermarking all of my pics.  If you have a blog, I recommend not only watermarking your pics, but posting about this to let others in the sewing blogs community know about it, because this is at the bare minimum a violation of long-established Netiquette.  You just don't jack someone's personal pics without asking ... if you don't get permission, you link to it.  I do not have a FB account and haven't looked at it myself ... but there are some big blogging names in the list of jacked photos.


glorm said...

Welcome back to the world of the living. It's pretty good here, most of the time.

That neckline sometimes causes people to pull out their hair. On one top I was delighted with how it turned out, only to discover that I had put it in the front (most of them are in the front) and it was supposed to go in the back. Since the front was plain it turned out to be a good thing.

Maggie said...

Well that looks familiar! :-)

I found the instructions on the neckline infuriating, but I didn't think it was that bad once I figured them out. (Or rather, once you and drsue walked me through what I was really supposed to do.) It is hard to get the bottom edge of the neck band even, but I'm not sure how that could be avoided.