18 June 2011

Finally finished B4856 tunic

Finally!  I am wearing it!  Even more amazing, the sun finally came out today ... and evening sunlight is not exactly conducive to good photos, but I am not waiting.  Here's the brightly-lit proof:
Sunlit Butter4856 tunic

B4856 tunic back view
Yes indeedy, it does cover the real estate in back!  LOL  And the rayon crepon does wrinkle.  It feels a smidge too big, so *IF* I make this pattern again, I'll use the medium and do a small FBA on it.  I may need to grab a hand needle and bring the keyhole slit up a smidge.  (Hat tip to PittyPat over at PatternReview message boards for mentioning that gem of a trick the other week.)  Just an offbeat note: flannel pajama shorts are a bad choice for trying on a drapey rayon long tunic top ...

Now, for a fun pic.  Here are the pieces of that large limb that fell on our power line to the house the other week ... and somehow managed to stay balanced for over a week as I anxiously waited for the power company's tree trimmers to come out and cut it off the power line.  They then proceeded to cut off twice as much branches and limbs from the trees to make sure they don't need to come back out this year.  They chipped and removed the green stuff ... but left us this as a souvenir:
Future bonfire


Maggie said...

Looks great!
Yours looks longer than mine.. did you lengthen it, or is it just 'cause you're shorter?

dfr2010 said...

I used a different pattern, maggie LOL I'm not THAT much shorter than you are.