17 May 2011

Better pic of Butterick 5221 shorts

Hubby is home now, and honestly, I really did just press these!  LOL  Meh, it's linen ... it's allowed some wrinkling.

Wearing Butterick 5221 shorts
 I forgot to mention in the previous post ... I have just enough of this linen left over to make a matching hat!  Now I just need to decide on a hat pattern ... and debate between fedora style versus a brimmed sunhat style.


Anonymous said...

Nice, I like them! ..I've really gotta get around to making more pants. Leaving the legs to my cutting table folded may help my back, but it always wears out my right pant knee! That and I still haven't made any jeans since getting my embroidery machine, and jeans pockets were the main things I intended to use it for when I got it!

dfr2010 said...

maggie, so grab a bottomweight and go to town! You've been working on your jeans pattern fit ... but why stop at just the back pockets for embroidery? Small border design along the front pockets ... then a nice large one at the outer seam bottom of the front pieces too!

Just remember, if you need help on being flamboyant, I'm your woman! LOL

I keep fondling that rayon floral you traded me ... as if I need the to-sew stack to get any higher.