09 May 2011

Pics of me wearing Butterick 5355 in silk

First some gushing - this IS SILK CHARMEUSE, after all!  (I believe the current exclamation is "Squeeee!!").  This fabric is so light and airy ... even a light breeze catches it:
wind catching silk sleeves
It brings to mind the old joke: "Flap your wings and FLY!"  As y'all can see, my hair is barely moving in the breeze ... and my hair is still baby-fine in texture.  More views:

B5355 front view

Side view of B5355 - my favorite pic

B5355 silk - now I know how the back looks
The pics show me how the side and back of this tunic look.  I definitely have a case of "bra strap peekaboo" going on.  If hand basting doesn't work tonight with bringing the neckline binding in enough, I will need to resort to small safety pins.  The side view and windy pics are my favorites, as the angle of sunlight hits the fabric just perfectly.

Just a note: silk charmeuse is definitely a bad choice to use as a self-fabric sash.  The sash slides against the body pieces and migrates from my underbust down to below my waist and back ... just as a I breathe or move!  I keep petting this slippery sash ... and the hems ... because (duh!) it's silk charmeuse.

I also have to admit I am currently loving just how slimming this tunic looks ... before the pics I felt as though it was clinging to every lump and bump, but it instead is skimming over them and hiding them.  Color me happy overall - in black, white, purple, and green!


Maggie said...

That looks awesome!! Love it LOVE IT! You're almost making me want to actually sew mine. Well, I already *want* to sew mine, I just don't have an appropriate tnt pattern and I don't want to mess it up!

HeathersSphere said...

Absolutely fun and fabulous!!!

glorm said...

Thumbs up! Having that dash of "blue stripes" in center front is perfect (although you may not have planned it that way).