09 May 2011

B5355 progress pic

Maggie has shown great restraint in chat the past couple evenings, not "bugging" for an update pic on this Butterick 5355 silk charmeuse blouse ... so I thought I would throw her a bone (photo) as I have only two things left to do on this silk tunic: the neckline finishing and attaching the sash carriers.  Here's Mathilda showing off my progress so far:
B5355 in silk charmeuse - almost done!
I am to the point where I will cry my eyes out if I hose things up.  There is no picking stitches out of this silk, especially not with a 1.6 stitch setting!  I abandoned the casings for the sleeves after noticing I could see the black through the white patches of the print (also the darker parts of the purple and green) so I intend to use the casings I sewed to finish the neckline.  I like where the neckline is as cut and don't want to turn it down (not to mention, that is a pain in the *donkey* as I discovered on the hems).

Speaking of hems ... my hems aren't exactly even due to the slipperiness of the silk ... but if anyone can actually see that I will be asking her/him for tips!

Another cup of coffee to work up the nerve to place those sash carriers ....

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