14 April 2012

First blossoms!

Lookie Ma!!!!  I got BLOSSOMS!  Now, none are mint (LOL) but this is even more exciting (I just found them maybe half an hour ago).  All three are the plants I bought at Lowe's as my "cheaters" but they survived the hard frost two nights ago and more than two weeks in my possession, so I am chalking this up in the WIN column, especially given previous history.
Roma sauce tomato blossoms

Big Bonnie (TM?) slicing tomato blossom

Ozark Beauty (everbearing?) STRAWBERRY blossom!!
Now I have a real plant to match my little cross-stitch strawberry-and-blossom motif I did over the winter!  I use the pic of the motif on a couple of sites as my avatar because I love strawberries and think the pic and motif both turned out so pretty.  Even better - I think a couple of the stems-with-roots strawberries are showing some life from the ten-pack I got from Tractor Supply.


glorm said...
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glorm said...

How exciting! Your thumb keeps getting greener. (I deleted the first post because found a finger-in-the-wrong-place typo.)

Weaves, Seeds and Feeds said...

I'm going to try this again!

CONGRATS! They look GREAT. I have little seedlings in the windows. I have flowers, herbs, and veggies.

I hope you don't get our weather! :-( Tornado warnings until midnight. EWWW

dfr2010 said...

Thanks, ladies. We have rain and the usual level of thunderstorms here ... no weather sirens so far so I will be grateful for this kind of luck! We're still cutting and burning deadfall from last spring's series of storms!

gloria, perhaps I should post pics of the copious amount of dandelions in the yard, or the brush pile I created from the back of the house ... although it WAS fun taking an ax and machete to that stupid shrub that I've been trying to kill for the last decade. It has an underground root system that runs deep ... I suspect the original house owner planted back in the 1940s (and too close to the corner of the house!).

Maggie said...

Didja see I finally got up the nerve to post to the Corsetmakers LJ group?
I've been in the PR chat to brag, but nobody has been around..