08 October 2013

Current crochet WIP

Quick post-and-run this morning to show what I have been working on the past week or so: a new pair of crochet socks for hubby.  I am trying to hook these up pretty fast, so the previous pair can get a well-earned run through the wash.  Here is the first sock:
hubby's ribbed cuff sock
I was working on that sock last week up at his parents' house, and both his mother and grandmother were positively gushing over it.  They went at least a step or two beyond just admiring, especially when they felt the sock.  Sounds like I'll be making more ... eventually I'll be able to make socks for myself again.

So, hopefully I can finish up hubby's second sock today.  I'm already down the cuff and past the heel on #2, and about the middle of the round-and-round of the foot section.  Hubby has even been taking care of the cooking the past few days so I have more time to work on the socks.

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