01 October 2013

Fun with two stitches

If this technique has a name other than "textured knitting" I have not come across it, but I really love it!  Using just knit and purl stitches with no other techniques, here are two patterned scarfs.
hearts design in Lipstick red

tumbling blocks/slanted squares in bulky alpaca blend
This reminds me a bit of filet crochet (open vs. filled block) which I've also recently tried my hook on and enjoy.  The stone-grey alpaca blend scarf is finished, and intended for Mom.  With three skeins off the clearance shelf, I got a scarf 9-1/2 inches wide by 56 inches long.

The hearts in red I am also doing in a clearance shelf yarn, three skeins of Bamboo Ewe which did not impress me when I tried to granny-square crochet it, and it definitely didn't impress me when I tried a small cable design ... but in just a solid-stitch k-p project, it becomes beautiful and perfect.  I am still on the first skein of this.

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