17 January 2012

Band Sampler cross-stitch

Yesterday and so far this morning I've been in a crochet and cross-stitch mood.  Since I still can't post pics of the crochet (they are gifts and recipients are allegedly subscribed here) I thought I'd post a cross-stitch pic for Gloria.  She's said in chat that my cross-stitches look "proper" - that is, all the crosses go the same direction.  I've even had a lady say the same locally, as she held it in her hands.  I'll say again - for the record - my crosses are not "proper" because to do so would use more floss than the haphazard method I do.
Elizabethan band sampler WIP - improper stitches proof
Along with showing my multi-directional stitching ... this also serves as an update on the band sampler.  Since I now have my own copy of the book and no longer need to worry about potential library fines, I haven't been working on it as diligently.  Plus, this band is a bit more intricate than most of the others!  I'm almost past the halfway fold on this band though, and repetition helps speed things up.

At some point, I should post a pic that includes the lefthand side of this sampler ... where all the mistakes are.  Not today though.

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Anonymous said...

It is still pretty. I can't see the mistakes, tho, but I admittedly am blind as a bat.