24 January 2012

ChatRoom Gift Exchange received

About a month ago, Val (of the corset challenge fame) proposed us chatroom degenerates should do a handmade gift exchange.  Gloria volunteered to coordinate who was making a gift for whom as she didn't think she would have time to participate, and no one else knew who was making the gift they would be receiving.  Personally, I hate suspense, surprise, and waiting ... but the rules were secrecy until a gift shows up in the mail.  My box arrived Saturday, from Val, but it's been too dark and cloudy to get decent pics (we all know about my lack of skill with the digicam).  The clouds broke yesterday afternoon, and this morning the dining room has frosty sunlight streaming in ... so here it is!
gift from Val - BDU bag
Yes, that used to be a pair of summer BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform - better looking army uniform than the current ACUs) that has been cleverly repurposed into a purse/bag!  Both back pockets and both cargo pockets are intact and functional, too, complete with belt loops to hang the keychain clip!  Val pulled out ALL the stops with this and went all-out.
functional cargo pockets on each side of BDU bag
Check this out ... I used to live out of all my pockets on my BDUs when I was still in, so having this many makes me smile.  Now, for the reason this will stay MY bag ... and not hubby's bag:
inside PINK pockets of BDU bag
Yes indeedy, that is very pink inside!  In fact, those (fully lined!) pockets are a pink camouflage fabric.
pink camouflage fabric - perfect!
Val mentioned in chat the pattern (? - give up the name/# or link, Val!) called for an unlined bag which she felt just would not do.  So, these pockets and the lining are 100% Val.

Oh yeah, it came with a card inside, and a little coin purse/billfold thing that I totally forgot to snap pics of ... and even a new project for me.  Makes me so glad I haven't gotten out to the post office to mail mine, because putting together cute gifts isn't my strong suit ... lately I have been trying to avoid even wrapping presents.  Must make a little card.  I have parchment paper and calligraphy pens that I hope have not dried out yet.

Now, for the truly important part: isn't this just the most clever and customized gift?  And - even more importantly - shouldn't Val start posting on the blog we talked her through setting up???


Unknown said...

OMG! How cute is that?! Valerie told me about it at work, and I thought it sounded adorable...and it is! I want one! ;)

glorm said...

Pink camo? Love it!

OMG, Val. Good job, Val. OMG!