12 April 2011

Val completes the corset challenge

I'm sure some of y'all recall when I issued the corset challenge to Val ... a couple of y'all (like me) have been following her progress when she pops in to chat.  She finished it Sunday evening, and showed me pictures of her work last night.  Keep in mind, this is Val's very first corset, and she used McCall's 4861 view E, which is also the pattern I used to make my first corset that I now call "the blue monstrosity".  Here are her results:

Val followed the pattern instructions (the ones I ignored! LOL) and also made it in two halves with lacing in the back as well as front, per the instructions.  Since Val doesn't have a blog, feel free to post up your comments here, and I will be sure she sees them.  My comment: she has put my first corset to shame ... complete shame.

Speaking of that corset ... I now need to dig up the infamous blue monstrosity as promised and hold up my end of the deal by showing the sewing blogosphere just how ugly it really is.  This is going to be painful to my pride ... but I am the one who "opened her mouth" in chat!  Val has declined the idea of me mailing it to her LOL and I don't blame her, since hers is definitely better.

I need a nap first ...


glorm said...

Way ta go, Val! As I have already told you, it looks good to me.

Now the world awaits the unveiling of the blue item. Hehehe. Can't wait. (or maybe I can.)

Maggie said...

Awesome, Val! (You gonna quit insulting your sewing yet? Or will that take a silk overbust?)