02 April 2011

McCall's 6051 apron progress pics

I took these pics before my nap and supper, but hemming the ruffle panels isn't that exciting of a pic ... but here is how my apron is progressing:
The ties match Mathilda's blue a bit too well, but I think the straps and ties turned out pretty good.  As usual, I am doing things out of order in relation to the printed instructions: I made the ties and straps at the same time, so I only needed to cuss once when I couldn't find my bodkin to turn them!  A fabric marker worked in the pinch, although the cap kept trying to come off when I tried to get it back out.

I'm beginning to think this print is charmed ... once again I got lucky on centering the main motif.  This makes me two-for-two on this print ... and I still have more left!

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Rebecca said...

It looks very nice! :]