21 April 2011

More embroidered trim for smock sleeves

I forgot to mention (actually, post!) yesterday I discovered the embroidered trim I made up didn't fit the sleeves for my S2621 smock ... it's just too short.  So yesterday - after the power was restored from the storm - I fired up the daily driver Brother to start putting the smock together, then brought my emb Brother back out to redo the trim for the sleeves.

This time, I used the smaller version of the Forget-Me-Not border and repeated it twice.  This makes for narrower trim, which will probably look better on a narrow-hemmed sleeve bottom.  It occurred to me today someone somewhere might want to see an in-progress pic of this - here is after the embroidery with lines added to put on the satin stitch (zigzag, a bit narrower and short enough to look satin-stitchy).

Small vs. large Forget-Me-Not trim

Small Forget-Me-Not embroidered trim
I have the larger design at the top of each pic as a reference point between the 4x4 small and the 5x7 large designs.  I hooped the small set looser, since last time hooping tighter didn't get rid of the wrinkles ... and the wrinkles are still there.  *Sigh*  Hooped regular, tight, and loose ... without noticeable difference in wrinkles ... leaves me with the conclusion it's either the linen or the thread or both.

Now, to finish sewing this smock up ... I am getting tired of moving the pieces from the table to the ironing board to an unoccupied chair and back!


glorm said...

Thinking out loud here but wonder if PerfectSew, a wash-away fabric stabilizer would help with the wrinkles. (That's what it's supposed to do). Did you try putting a layer of Solvy on top of the embroidery also? Did you try a different thread as I believe that was your original question?

dfr2010 said...

Couldn't switch threads because I started with this color and don't have any greens in another type or brand. I used 3 layers of Solvy: one on the bottom, one between the layers of hankie linen, then one on top.

I hadn't heard of PerfectSew ...

glorm said...

PerfectSew is a Palmer/Pletsch product. I have seen it at Joanne's but can't say how long ago. It's a liquid which later gets washed out.