21 December 2010

M4861 bound but not gagging

First up, my daily driver - the still unnamed Brother CS-770 computerized - does not tolerate hitting the poly boning with the same humor as ole Timex (the cheap 14-stitch mech).  I got the E6 error two or three times when I misjudged where the poly boning was, and one small thread knot on the bobbin side .. which thankfully was also on the lining side.

Hubby chose the binding, folks!  :)  Actually, I agreed with his choice.  I have navy blue binding, but the print's darkest blue is still obviously lighter than my navy blue binding ... so we went for the contrast to match the sides of the lining: light pink.
Now I need to clear off my table ... especially electronic and electrical devices ... to pull out my eyelet stuff, which includes a hammer.  I tend to whack my eyelets pretty hard and a couple times I've missed the little eyelet-setting thing-a-ma-jig and whacked my thumb, so yes I swing the hammer with a bit of force.  Ten goldtone eyelets, one black shoelace, and I will have my new backbrace!

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