20 December 2010

M4861 outer layer done

I've run out of energy for now, but I did get the outer fasion fabric layer cut and sewn, and picked out the lining, the leftover light pink linen/cotton (50/50) that remains after a summer blouse (which will go to my sister if I can remember to send it) and the skirt extensions on my medieval chemise when I ran out of the white-white.

I'm pretty pleased with how it looks, especially since I (successfully) tried to cut out the design centered on the back panel.  A note about the Hancock "special collection" cotton duck: it has a lot of bias stretch.  For some reason (wearing ease?) this pattern has two seams per side cut on the bias ... if I make it a third time I will need to fix that.  Meh, two will probably be enough from this pattern.

I'm not sure if I mentioned here or not, but for the most part I am disregarding McCall's instructions for this corset's construction, instead sort-of following this excellent tutorial by Sidney Eileen I found a couple weeks ago.  I'm also using her method of pressing the seam allowances to one side (alternating with the layers) and then stitching them down a bit to the side of the original seam.  My last two working brain cells say this should be stronger than pressing the seams open ... but this one should put it to the test.  I do have to make up for not using actual coutil!

If I can catch a second wind later this evening, I'll work on the lining ... but right now I am at the whiny stage of this head cold.  I'll spare y'all ... but hubby does get to hear it.

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