30 December 2010

My big FAT fluffy cat

I've been saying for a while I need a new "scale" pic for my oldest and largest cat.  I used to have a picture of me holding him, but that is on an old harddrive that crashed beyond retrieval.  Besides, few of y'all know what size I am in person, so that pic wasn't so helpful with nonfamily members.  So, I decided to get a picture of him with a standard 12 ounce pop can for scale:
For a further sense of scale, that sisal scratch mat he's laying on is 17 inches long including its border.

So what has prompted this endeavor into feline photography (which involves catnip spray)?  Guess which cat decided to wake hubby and me up when we tried to sleep in this morning?  Yup, this big fat fluffy hairball ... who weighs 30 lbs and is VERY effective as a variable time alarm clock.  At least he got the memo that hubby is on leave ... he has tried to wake us up at 0515 many times before, usually on a Saturday morning, thinking hubby was going to be late for first formation. 

I'm going to need another cup of coffee before I start in on that denim.

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