21 December 2010

McCall's 4861 waist corset done!

It's not only finished, but photographed for proof!  Getting the eyelets through 4 layers of fabric (2 stiff canvas, 2 cotton duck) plus the buckram proved to be a PAIN, and as hard as I whacked the setting tool to set the eyelets ... I done broke my wooden cutting board I retired from food prep to crafting.  Oops.  Oh, yeah ... the pic:
My jeans are a bit loose around the waist after two and half days of only eating soup, so the spacing in front for the eyelets is a bit small.  I've been wearing it for almost an hour, and it is both sturdy and comfortable.  It will get the real test tomorrow on the supposedly 9 hour road trip.

I'm particularly happy with the back panel  :)  I now have a pretty backbrace.  Some of y'all know I have never taken a pic of the previous version, except for a cropped photo of the inside where I had stitched in a contrasting thread.  It's still too ugly to show y'all, but now I have a nice one to show off.


glorm said...

One should not pound on cutting boards. Ask me how I know!

This is beautiful and the trim is a perfect contrast.

Hope you are in tiptop shape soon.

dfr2010 said...

You probably know the same way I now know ... LOL

:) ty