07 February 2011

Another snow day - stuck without proper tool

We started this morning with rain, but by 10 AM it turned to a heavy sticky snow ... and less than an hour later the schools closed early and the county pretty much shut down.  While my back feels better than the past two days, I got a nice little headache until after lunch ... way too late (snow-wise) to scoot out and get a couple patterns from my books copied to life size ... or buy a pair of decent wire cutter thingies to cut my heavy duty cable ties down to the right size.

I did get a bit done even with hubby and son bopping around the house: First I took off 3/4 inch from the back panels.  The pattern allows for a 5/8 inch seam allowance in CB, but I want enough of a gap just in case I lose a little weight.  Then I did a test to see how well the cable ties fit under my zipper foot.  Success!
This is my test scrap from the same fabric with the same interfacing, with a strip of buckram going under each cable tie.  (And yet another example of how I can't seem to sew straight even when following a straight edge!)  Between the buckram and the cable ties, this will be quite sturdy and hold its shape.  Here it is with an eyelet in between:
I've gotten one side of the back done so far, then paused to make and eat supper and just haven't been back in to do the other yet.  I also found my black brass separating zippers to use on the front and pinned it to the seam allowances.  Now hopefully the streets won't ice too badly tomorrow so I can get out to the hardware store!

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