18 February 2011

Silk splurges and sales acquisitions

I mentioned last week about my sewing being interrupted by the arrival of a box of fabric splurges and promised pics ... the procrastination on that is over as I had this urge to pull out my latest splurges and fondle them, so why not snap pics?  This time, instead of laying them on my table I draped them over Mathilda since the prints are huge (and there's currently a very yummy chocolate cake on the table since yesterday afternoon!).

Not surprisingly, these come from that "ebil enabler" site, FabricMart.  When I first saw these two silks back in late November, they were $35/yd, so they truly put the "wish" into my wishlist and I joked that the only way I would get them would be if we won the lotto ... I was wrong.  First FM marked them down to $30/yd ... then put them in the 50% sale.  Hubby spoils me rotten at times, plus has a wishlist of things he wants me to sew for him, so he gave this splurge the green light.  This time, my pics turned out!

My pic

FM's pic

Charmeuse #2:

FM's pic

My pic
On the utility fabric acquisition side of things, today I picked up cotton muslin on sale again for 99c/yd, a bit of cotton twill at $2.50/yd, and last week grabbed a couple yards of cotton down-proof mattress ticking to try out for corset cores. The ticking is lightweight, strong, and has little bias stretch and will be the core of my next attempt to turn KS 3850 into a four-layer corset.

Before I dive into version 2 of the bustier corset, I think I'll finished sewing up the Vogue coat mockup, as all three of my cats have discovered the outer shell and all three think it worth the effort to jump up and lay/shed on it ... even my oldest, fattest, and by far my laziest cat.  It doesn't take too many days of decent weather for these furry monsters to start shedding like mad ... so I need to get the mockup done and hung up!  Just for fun, here's all three napping (and shedding) on our bed:


Rebecca said...

The blue and purple fabric is gorgeous! I don't think I'd let the cats roll all over that piece, lol.

dfr2010 said...

Rebecca - I am keeping all my silks boxed up so they don't get snagged or shed on! I also boxed up my wools for the same reason ... the furry monsters really liked the wool coatings when I first got them.