02 February 2011

Quick side project KS 3850

I'm sure some of y'all saw this coming after yesterday afternoon's post about bringing home the new Kwik Sew 3850 bustier pattern ... since I need to dig out my lining fabric in the bottom stash tub to go any further on the coat mockup, and that bustier pattern is burning in my brain like a cheap neon sign in the middle of nowhere ... I'm pausing on the coat to make this bustier up!  Who could resist this?
Obviously, I can't!  I've tried to pick a fabric to do it up in, but until I do, I'll start the core in the cheap cotton muslin I scored on sale the other week.  Well, first I need to trace off the pattern pieces, because there is no way I am cutting the nice sturdy pattern paper KS prints on.

I read over the directions last night ... and they completely lost me by step 2: "pin and stitch boning to CF seam allowances."  Ummmm ...?  They don't define boning anywhere I could see on the envelope or in the instructions, but it doesn't sound like they mean anything *I* consider boning.  Definitely not flat or spiral spring steel!  Which I still don't have anyway, but I can't even do this with the poly boning stuff I've learned to hate, much less the heavy duty cable ties I am planning to use.  I'm pretty sure they mean that Ridgilene stuff ... I have something like it here somewhere, but I'd need to dig for it.

So, my original idea of doing a bustier by the instructions will just need to wait until I find the flexible plastic canvas-like stuff that can be sewn into place.  Instead, it will be done corset-style!  Truth be told, this is what I really wanted to do with this pattern anyway ...


Anonymous said...

Two words: duct strapping! It makes a bit of a pounding noise when you go through it, but it does work. (My machines can, anyways. You've said that Timex will sew through almost anything too, so I'm expecting it (he? she?) wouldn't mind it too much. You definitely can't *pin* duct strapping, though.

dfr2010 said...

maggie, do use a specific needle or setup to sew through duct strapping?

Anonymous said...

Sharp. Don't use a ballpoint! I actually only just learned that universal/regular needles and sharp needles are different-- I'd figured that there was ball-point, and then there was sharp, but I guess the ones actually called "sharp" are even sharper. I really haven't experimented with that many different types. Use something sharp and meant for heavy materials, like a leather or jeans needle. Hrm, checking the different Schmetz needles available from CS, it looks like jeans and leather needles are totally separate from the other classifications. I'd go with either the leather ones or the larger sized sharp ones.
Honestly, I haven't really *deliberately* sewn through the duct strapping, I've just cut duct strapping bones too long and ended up sewing through it.. so I wasn't exactly buying needles with the intent of sewing through it.