18 April 2011

Embroidered trim finished and a tip

First up, I figured out why I have been getting the little wrinkles around the embroidery design ... other than the possibility of the cotton thread shrinking.  I hadn't rinsed ALL the stabilizer out.  I discovered this when reaching for my press cloth, and it was stiff ... since I had to rinse out the fabric marker anyway, I soaked the trim pieces again.  And here is the "done" pic for my trim:
Custom-made embroidered decorative trim
I made one extra piece of single-design trim on purpose ... just in case I oopsie something.  And while this last extra one was stitching out, I was reminded just why I sit and watch the the embroidery needle hop along as it stitches out ... the thread caught on itself.  When the top thread broke, the machine sensed it and stopped itself before I realized the thread was broken.  However, when the thread caught on itself, I stopped the machine before it "realized" there was a problem.  Closeup of the oopsie:

embroidery oopsie - thread caught on itself
It's not overly noticeable since I caught it within a few stitches of it happening, then the machine stops two stitches after I hit stop (which is a fast response given how fast the needle is hopping on it) so the piece is usable if need be ... but it is sitting off to the side of the others to be used last (or hopefully not at all!).

Now ... this Brother "country yarn" embroidery thread is very messy!  I probably should have snapped a pic of the fuzz bunnies I pulled out of the emb after this project was done, because it was massive.  Then before I started up the daily driver to satin stitch, I cleaned under the hood on him as well ... canvas fray bits and more fuzz bunnies.  I hope I don't dream of fuzz bunnies under the bobbin holder thingy tonight ...


glorm said...

Wow--you made a lot of them. I wonder if other machines stop as quickly as Brothers do? That is something that I am impressed with.

dfr2010 said...

Front neckline, back neckline, front shoulder x2, back shoulder x2, sleeve bottom x2 ... then one extra. Maybe I should have made an extra long one also.