23 April 2011

Setting the smock aside

OK, I'm going to set it to the side and let it simmer on the back burner of my mind ... the construction part is done, and I gave it a good pressing after trimming the excess trim.

Simplicity 2621 smock pressed

Sleeve detail of embroidered trim
My son suggested triangles instead of squares for the corners ... that also has appeal.  He actually meant mitering the trim corners ... but that still wouldn't fix the one corner in back.

It does definitely look better after pressing most of the wrinkles out ... but it's already picked up a few new wrinkles!  LOL  Hey, it's linen.  Besides, this is the undermost garment, so only the sleeves and neckline will show anyway.

Now, to write up the review ... I'll get a detail pic on the neckline trim after I fix it.

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