09 April 2011

Too many ideas, not enough time

Today I have more ideas than hands or time swirling in my tiny coffee-inspired brain.  Those last two working brain cells are in a hyperactive tizzy, throwing ideas and schemes and options out:
  • I still have the handkerchief linen on the table to finish cutting out out my Renn Faire smock ... and my embroidery machine whispers about too much inactivity.  I am planning to use it to embroider the neckline, plus use the scraps for gift hankies.
  • I want to do up at least one more mid-Victorian in denim, tweaking the fit and adding improvements after wearing my one almost daily since I finished it.  I have a light colored denim that matches a pair of jeans perfectly, and I also want one to match my black denim jeans ... I also want to try out view C to compare how that fits me.  And feel free to laugh, but right now I am wearing my denim corset with dark red colored sweatpants.
  • I still want to redo my Elizabethan pair-of-bodies, and in that white silk brocade with boned tabs this time.  Oh, and this time I'll need to use a NONstretchy fabric for the core layer ... trying it on the other morning made me realize that it has finally stretched to a point of no longer providing proper support.
  • What got me thinking of the silk brocades is Jo is finally back at Bridges on the Body, working on the 1844 pattern from Norah Waugh's Corsets and Crinolines which I have decided is THE perfect pattern to show off the red floral silk brocade ... which still beckons even though I am still chicken to cut the fabric until I have the pattern mocked up perfectly.
So I need at least three more of me to get all these ideas done up simultaneously ... errr ... so maybe I need to prioritize ... the linen is on the table so I guess that one gets cut out first.  Maybe the third cup of coffee wasn't as good of an idea as it sounded ...

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