18 December 2010

The red silk/rayon brocade

Y'all will probably hear a lot about this fabric acquisition ... actually, this one is firmly in the "fabric splurge" category.  Yes, Mom, I paid regular price for this one ... but this falls firmly into that same category as the fabric for my prom dress you made me (*mumble mumble*) years ago.  The one I still have.  The one that still got complements when I wore it to hubby's battalion formal in 2006 (the last time I fit in it again).
I originally only bought a 2 yd piece, but when it arrived, it was love at first pet.  Of course, this fabric ravels if you just look at it, so I had to immediately overcast (overedge?) the raw ends because I don't want to lose any of it.  It disappeared off FabricMart's website for a little less than a week, then reappeared ... someone must have cancelled their order because I cannot imagine how anyone would return the beauty.  So I truly splurged and bought the last few yards of it ... I just finished overcasting the raw edges on the second piece because I was thinking of it, and it's a good excuse to fondle such luxurious, rich fabric.

I have at least two plans for this gorgeous stuff: the outer fashion fabric layer of a mid-Victorian corset, and also a mandarin-collar jacket.  I need to practice both ideas before I dare cut into this ... while it may not be "haute couture" expensive, it is definitely not cheap enough to make any mistakes on!

Since I bought the last of it, I had to post this beauty up to share.  OK, maybe just a touch of bragging here ... but this is definitely one of my better fabrics in my possession.

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