20 December 2010

Needle notes on M 4861, cord, and poly boning

I have the canvas core sewn together, with the boning and cording on the inside, so not much to take a pic of ... but a few random thoughts as my 2nd round of decongestants kick in:

It's easy to sew through the hemp cord, and my machine doesn't complain about it either ... but boy does it dull a needle quickly.  So does sewing through stiff canvas and buckram ... 

While I proved with my first boned bodice last year that it is indeed possible to sew through poly boning, the machine will let you know as soon as the needle goes through the poly boning ... mine tend to complain about it, both "Timex" my original $80 Brother LX-3125 mech, and my daily driver $160 Brother CS-770 computerized (that I still haven't thought of a good name for yet).  For the record, I most certainly do NOT recommend sewing through poly boning ... nowadays I skip over the boning, which is why I sewed the core with a contrast thread, and will use fabric marker to mark the outer layers.  Oh, if you do sew through the poly boning, that will also dull your needle.  I don't think I'll admit how long it took me to figure that out last year.

Trimming the hemp cord and canvas makes an awful mess ... I've been trying to clean up after every couple of trims, but there is still little fibers and fray threads everywhere.  It's a good thing hubby also has a messy hobby - painting miniatures.

Finally, it makes for a slow slog when cutting and sewing to need to constantly stop and wipe a runny nose or sneeze.  *But* if I keep at it, I may have this done tonight!  Time to go scrap diving for the lining layer, and cut both that and the fashion fabric outer layer.


glorm said...

Could CS-770 be called Big Brother or does he have to have an actual name?

I may have to borrow something from you. See my reply to your comment for what it is.

dfr2010 said...

It wasn't hard to figure out, glorm ;) You can borrow my sewing mojo for the long weekend ... but I will need it back!